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  • At Mind Demands, we are dedicated to creating solutions and providing results.
  • Our account managers work closely with each Client to understand their company, technologies and culture to make sure we find the right fit, every time.
  • Our commitment to quality is reflected in our results
  • Our ability to quickly and accurately find talent saves our Clients valuable time that might otherwise stall or even derail projects.
  • Our strategic combination of urgency and discipline decreases the likelihood of losing a candidate to another opportunity while ensuring a good technical and cultural fit, increasing retention.
  • Contract budgets and schedules can make it hard to predict if and when you bring onboard permanent additions to your team.
  • When you need more IT staff but aren’t sure if you want to hire someone permanently, Mind Demands contract to hire service is the perfect solution.
  • Mind Demands will negotiate conversions that fit your timetable and budget, which can be waived after contracts of a certain duration.
  • Mind Demands will go the extra mile to qualify candidates for your contract to hire needs to ensure you are investing in employees who can help you achieve your immediate as well as long-term goals.

  • At Mind Demands, we work closely with consultants. Each candidate receives one on one time with our recruiters so we can fully understand what is important for candidate’s goal and career.
  • Our recruiter work hard and find the right fit job matching your skills.
  • Once you join us, you are part of our company and we make sure that you are on project all the time and every possible support is provided to the consultant in each possible way.
  • An Account Manager or Recruiter will be in touch within 24 hours to update you on the progress of your job or provide you with any helpful feedback.
  • Our Engagement Management Program is another way we optimize satisfaction, performance, and retention. We provide each Consultant with an Engagement Manager, a direct contact on the Mind Demands team.
  • The Engagement Manager provides the Consultant with an in-depth orientation prior to starting their contract to get them ready for their assignment.
  • Plus, our Engagement Managers keep in touch with them throughout the length of their contract to ensure they feel they have room for personal and professional growth, keeping each Consultant engaged with their project and our Client’s company.

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